About us

We are a team of skilled university graduates supervised by managers with work experience in Germany, Austria and Hungary.

Our team consists of three groups specialized on marketing, IT and office support. Members of each group hold university degree and speak English and/or German on a high level. Based on outstanding education and work experience of all team members we offer you services and assistance in research related, analytical, financial, IT & programming, social media and any Internet related issues.

Myrtis Creative

Myrtis Creative was established with a focus on supporting campaigns by providing ideas and online solutions that integrate seamlessly with corporate communications and bring measurable results through innovation and creativity.

Our campaigns aim to provide memorable experiences to our clients and to their clients as well. Using guerilla and viral marketing as well as other groundbreaking online activities, we deliver the marketing messages created in accordance with the pre-planned campaign strategy. Conversions, KPIs and measurable indicators ensure that our clients find our activities transparent and easy to assess. Therefore, we believe that by adhering to these principles, we bring added net value to campaigns.


Our developer group, CodeLambda, strives for perfection in every project. We utilize the latest programming technologies and keep up-to-date with new developments in the industry. As the industry advances, we also perfect our practices and our tool set.

Our clients include several major international companies and the fact that a large percentage of them are recurring customers fills us with pride. Our solutions have supported several integrated campaigns, be they web apps, Facebook games or mobile CRM solutions. We are especially proud of the fact that, in addition to our clients, several awards also prove that we are heading in the right direction.

We have assembled our team with the perspective that, in addition to their work-related tasks, its members should also be able to contribute to the professional dialog that helps our company develop. Our colleagues have gained their professional experience in programming high-capacity financial back-end systems which require a special emphasis on security. Based on this knowledge, in the most recent years they perfected their skills in optimizing client-side solutions. Our activities are completely transparent to our clients. Regular reports, interactive test systems, online workflows and a trouble ticketing system guarantee transparency and the client’s ability to monitor and track our progress. Our project managers and client-side contact persons have gained decades of experience on several continents at multinational companies.


Our team consists of young Hungarian professionals proficient in foreign languages and possessing international experience. We offer assistant services primarily aimed at English and German-speaking clients, in both German and English. In addition to using popular office applications, our main activities include online data collection and handling project-related tasks in finance and management.

We handle any Hungary-related assignments from our international clients with professional expertise and at short notice, including investment market research, legal consulting and interpretation services. The international working experience of our team’s members guarantees that we offer Western European-level performance at Eastern European price rates.

Our company is proud of the fact that most of our clients are returning customers.

We hope to see you and your company among our satisfied customers and references soon.